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Photographers you should hire:
Chase Lisbon - Viva Van Story - Nicolle Clemetson - Kencredible
Steve Prue - Shannon Brooke - MichellexStar - Debbi Rotkowitz
Daniel Hoyt - Clayton Addison -
Jesse Bodas

Models I love working with:
Apnea - Sharon TK - Kandy - Ulorin Vex - Lauren WK - Cherry Dollface
Mosh - Sabina Kelley - Betty Lipstick -
Porcelain - Lindsay Hibbard
Dina De Sade - Kensignton Suicide - Sash Suicide - Vanessa Lake
  Anne Lindfjeld
- Makani Terror - Megan Massacre - Andi Lyn
Chesty Von Ellem - Charity - Krystyn Lea - Bridget Blonde - Holly Cakes

Tattoos and Artists:

Sean Herman - Ryan Mason - Seth Wood
Travis McGregorNick Baxter - Tyson McAdoo
Whitney Lenox - Duane Hosein - Tattoo Snob

Vegan Links:
Vegan Essentials - Vegan online store with everything you need, ever!
 Chicago Soydairy - The makers of Temptation Ice Cream, Teese and Dandies.
 Vegan THIS - They make the best Animal Rights shirts out there.
The Urban Housewife - Blog about delish food I want to eat.
Quarrygirl - Blog featuring the best vegan food in Los Angeles.
Cruelty-Free Face - Vegan makeup blog.
The Gentle Barn - Rescue for farmed animals in California.

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